Ameriprise Financial: Mentor-Led DXP Implementation

E-commerce Consulting
Financial Services


Ameriprise was looking to adopt an agile DXP that empowered contribution and development teams to easily create best-in-class experiences. The solution needed to provide a strategic and multi-phased rollout that emphasized high-priority domains and also introduced a refined and unstructured content model. Additionally, the delivery model needed to leverage internal Ameriprise teams, and infuse best practices into the overall architecture and solution, built to support both modern React-based component and legacy JavaScript functionality. To support Ameriprise, Concord executed a mentor-led implementation of Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) utilizing a codeless, modular component architecture. Working with Ameriprise teams, Concord Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) guided the implementation of the solution and used accelerators to effectively transform the implementation effort from a potentially Java-heavy application, to a front-end focused engagement. Additionally, the modular architecture advantageously positioned Ameriprise to incorporate new channels and communication paths in the future, and leverage an internal team comprised almost exclusively of front-end developers to maintain and grow the solution.


Launched with less than 500 lines of Java code.

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