Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Your customers, competitors, and employees are using AI. Are you? Equipped with trustworthy data, the right cloud infrastructure, data privacy best practices, and a culture of experimentation, we'll help you leverage AI to create better customer experiences than your competitors.

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What's Involved


AI Strategy and Roadmap Planning

Find out where you stand, right now, in your ability to get AI up and running. Then develop a plan to embed AI where it can make the biggest impact on your business. From personalization and segmentation, to experimentation and conversion.


AI Engineering, Technology, and Integration

Looking to implement a customer data platform, or build or buy an AI integration? Our team can aid in AI strategy consulting and deliver solutions that aligns with your business goals.


ML and AI Operationalization

Put deep learning, natural language processing, and neural networks to work. We can operationalize your AI and ML efforts so they scale with you, from crawling to flying, on your AI journey.


Data Science & Analytics

Leverage advanced tactics for audience segmentation, customer journey analysis, data modeling, and market based analysis to improve targeting and conversion.


Pre-built Solutions

Get up-and-running quickly with Keyword Atlas for Search, Medicare Advantage Solutions, Star Rating Solutions and Marketing Mix Modeling.

"Our team has the real-world experience needed to deliver immediate impact for our clients. With our 'crawl, walk, run, fly' methodology, we meet clients where they are and guide them towards their desired destination. With our industry-specific depth and proven use cases, we increase the likelihood of success."

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