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Businesses are constantly faced with decisions and tradeoffs. The quality of those decisions is based primarily on the depth and breadth of data points available. If all the data you needed was in one convenient place, your job would be significantly easier.

Following that line of thinking, our manufacturing client believed they had the necessary data points…somewhere. They were interested in building a reliable, centralized data warehouse and needed a strategy to consolidate their data initially and going forward.


Concord achieved the client’s goals and built a data warehouse from the ground up by utilizing Oracle Exadata. To populate the data warehouse, our team implemented Informatica and designed and populated the BI analytic warehouse model.

As a result, the business units gained complete visualization of data in real-time. Now, more than 20 terabytes of data are being stored in production and hundreds of ETL processes are running on various schedules to keep the warehouse up-to-date. The best part? Hundreds of business users have access to timely information – meaning better decisions are being made company-wide.

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